Michael P Cunningham

Fiber Artist / Art Quilter


14:"x  22" Rusted fabric cross on a background of flour resist bleach discharge.

Rust Cross

14” x 21” Teal commercial fabric on a background of flour resist thickened dye crackle with hand dyed binding.

Teal Cross

Kids Cross

Southwestern Cross

15” x 24” Commercial fabric swirled cross on a background of stenciled fabric

10” x 20” Cross s multi-colored commercial fabrics with free motion quilting of barber wire

All items are for sale on my Etsy unless other wise noted

Dangerous Heart 1

15.5" x 21" This is the 1st in a series of tragedies of the human heart.

Circles in a Square

21” x 36.5” Hand-dyed fabric circle on a field of rusted fabric quilted in a circle pattern on a Asian commercial fabric quilted in channels.

Color Stack Three

10.25" x 49.5" Third in a series . Focal point (the stack) is comprised of my hand-dye fabrics, with black borders set in traditional Japanese scroll manner.  Quilting of one large free flowing feather.  

Pieces in Five

5.25” x 33” This series of small quilts was an experiment on how many different ways you can cut apart a square.  PRIVATE COLLECTION.  

Color Captured

17.5” x 41.5” The colored squares are my 1st attempt of making my own dyed fabric with a technique call confetti dyeing. These are fused to heavy stabilizer and mounted to the white quilt with paper brads. The colored squares are encircled with black latex house paint. PRIVATE COLLECTION.