Michael P Cunningham

Fiber Artist / Art Quilter


I am a self-taught artist who creates because I am driven to do so.  Creativity has always been a part of my life--the more I create, the more I grow.  My goals and aspirations are simple:   to create beautiful fiber art/art quilts and to share them with the public while striving to convey the love I have put into them. This medium is my passion, my obsession, and my joy.  I am blessed with an innate sense of design so my work is largely intuitive.  Themes form as I work--whether at the job that pays the bills, or while falling asleep.  

​Currently I am working with thickened dyes.  Dyes have limitless possibilities as to how they can be used to change the color but not the hand of fabric.  I strive to listen to the work and allow it to tell me what it requires; this conversation may happen in hours or months.  It is my practice to have many conversations (pieces) going simultaneously, allowing each to speak to me at its own pace.